Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

All the data you need is collated for you and can be manipulated with ease


Multiclass League Tables

Assign a driver a class (PRO, PRO-AM, AM) or let the system do it for you. The standings will be automatically updated.


Create and Allocate Teams

Your drivers can compete in a team standings. It's as simple as creating the team and allocating the driver.


Driver Ratings

The system will analyze a race and give a positive or negative rating to the driver based on position, best lap, average lap and consistency.



Qualifying and Race data is displayed in an all in one, easy to read format and is super easy to manipulate!

How does it work?

You can be up and running in 3 easy steps.

Create a League

Enter your league name, a bit about it and how you want your cup categories/classes to work.

Add a Season

Enter the name of your first season, all data will be associated with this season.

Upload Results

When a session ends, you will receive a .json file. Upload this to the website and it will do everything else for you!

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